What Princeton Must Do to Defeat Brown – Jay Greenberg

  • October 13, 2016

What Princeton Must Do to Defeat Brown


By Jay Greenberg


1) Win the turnover battle.

Brown has fumbled 12 times already this season, lost seven of them—the biggest reason the Bears are 1-3. Georgetown had four fumbles and an interception last week—why the Tigers won by two touchdowns.


2) Rush the passer.

Two years ago at Princeton Stadium Brown threw the ball an astounding 71 times in a 27-16 loss. The Tigers have allowed 2.6 yards per rush and nine yards per passing attempt. Coach Phil Estes is going to see weakness again and will try to exploit it with many of the same skill position players that produced 38 points in last year’s upset at Providence. Princeton has to provide pressure against an offensive line that returns all five starters.


3) Keep eyes right.

Among Brown shenanigans have been onside kicks and a fake punt.


4) Play smart.

Tigers had 11 penalties last year in Providence. They lost four games by seven points or fewer as a 4-0 start faded to 5-5. All could have gone either way but Brown was the one Princeton gave away.


5) Match the physicality.

After playing Brown, Sundays always are black and blue.