What Princeton Must Do To Defeat Harvard

  • October 21, 2016


1) Go long

Crimson has been burned on big plays against Cornell and Holy Cross. If there is any window, this would be it.


2) Go deep

Harvard shuffles a lot of players, each hardly worse than the last one. The Tiger offensive line has been forced to shuffle players this year; otherwise Princeton is hale and hearty and in good position, for Week Six, to match Harvard in depth.


3) Read the option

The improving Princeton defense has allowed only four scores in its last 43 opposition possessions, including 27-three-and-outs. But the last three quarterbacks the Tigers have faced has not been nearly as mobile, and perhaps not as accurate either, as Joe Viviano.  The return of Ty Desiré has given Princeton that much more pressure but it must be supplemented with containment, a big job for outside guys R.J. Paige, Birk Olson, and Mike Wagner.


4) Cause turnovers

Princeton’s 12 takeaways are the second most in the league. There is every reason to believe that this game is going to be close enough that the team that makes the fewest mistakes–including penalties–will win.


5) Kick

Both teams’ fine third-down conversion rates—Harvard’s 52.4 and Princeton’s 46.6—figure to take a hit this week. The winner is going to have to make some field goals.