There is No Time to Admire the Artwork

  • October 16, 2017


By any Sunday night, the coaches are on to the next opponent.  And besides, this is a short week with a game on Friday night.  So it was sort of a shame Bob Surace couldn’t spend the morning looking for a frame for his team’s 53-0 masterpiece at Brown on Saturday. You can coach for decades and never have a team play a better game than that one.

“I went in early and zipped through the film to see the key plays,” Surace said. “Lets move on to Harvard. “

Before we do, here is just one last lingering, longing gaze at a performance that was hard to take your eyes from.

“We had flashes against Georgetown where we would score and get a quick three-and-out, but not like we did at Brown,” said Surace.

“There were no TV timeouts on Saturday. That’s one factor.  And the pace of our offense can be so fast that if we force a three-and-out, it tires a defense as if we had a 12 or 14-play drive. Then we can go on runs of points.”

Off the recovered fumble on the opening kickoff, the Tigers only managed a Tavish Rice field goal and then needed three third-down conversions on the following drive for their initial touchdown.  After that, they faced only four more third downs in the course of racing to a 36-0 lead at the half.

In the end Princeton outgained Brown 538 yards to 170, and won the first-down count 28-12. One of the FCS leaders against the run all season, the Tigers’ passing yardage allowed is steadily diminishing. Brown managed just 115, with a long of only 22 yards.

“We did a good job rushing the passer,” said Surace.  “I thought our linebacker drops were better.

“In key situations we were disciplined in our coverage, at least for the most part. You hope that continues.”

Game Balls

The offensive one went to Charlie Volker for his four touchdowns and the longest run from scrimmage in Princeton history – 96 yards.

On defense, the honoree was Kurt Holuba, who had six tackles including two sacks.  “Kurt was fighting through holds the whole game,” said Surace. “He just keeps fighting; he is so disruptive of the quarterback.”

Holuba had to be excellent to beat out Tom Johnson, who had four tackles, one for a loss, and a crunching, perfectly-timed, middle-of-the-field pass breakup on a fourth down.

“There is nobody with more passion I have ever seen play the game of football,” said Holuba.  “Tremendous; Tom inspires our entire defense.”

The special team ball was presented to Hayden Murphy, whose blocked kick set up a touchdown.

“A great effort play,” said Surace.  “That stood out on the film; he had a great push and knocked a big guy back into the punter. And Hayden had a couple other plays that were really good.”

He Was Not Dewey-Eyed Dept:

Brown’s defensive Bushnell Cup candidate, defensive end Dewey Jarvis, was held to four tackles, largely through the work of sophomore right tackle Reily Radosevich. Surace recalls only twice all game that Radosevich was given extra help to contain Jarvis on a passing down.

“Jarvis is one of the tops in the country in sacks and tackles for loss,” said Surace.   “That is by far the best anyone has done on him this year.  I don’t think he hit the quarterback all game.

“Reilly has a lot of energy. There are some things he has to clean up technically and we will keep working on them. But he fought all day.

“That’s part of the story of the offense. It wasn’t our best game technically but I don’t recall any efforts like this in the past where our energy and fight were so consistent.

“Saturday night at the hotel, Sean (Offensive Coordinator Gleeson) showed highlights of playing Brown where we finished our runs.  Then we showed times against Brown when we didn’t have energy.

“That room was so sparked when we finished the meeting that there wasn’t a soul who wasn’t going to finish a run. “Charlie, with four touchdowns, I’d say he finished. Collin Eaddy, Ryan Quigley and Jacob Lewis followed the lead. And how often did Jesper Horsted, Tiger Bech and Stephen Carlson finish after a catch?

“We were outstanding in that regard.”

Either Orr Dept:

They do call the position lineBACKER don’t they?  The two men in the middle whose playing time has been most affected by the loss of captain Mark Fossati two games ago are stepping up.

“John Orr was playing in the rotation earlier in the year,” said Surace.  “This just means he is playing more plays and Jack Simcox has been doing a good job when he goes in there, too.

“Fossati was playing at a player-of-the-year level.  It’s going to take a little more time for John to iron out his reactions and everything else he has to do.  But he is playing really well.  It’s not like there is this huge dropoff from Mark.”

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