What Princeton Must Do to Defeat Brown

  • October 13, 2017


1) Block Dewey Jarvis. The Bushnell Cup candidate has 7.5 tackles for a loss, including five sacks.  Brown has enough other talent of All-Ivy potential at Jarvis’s sides to make double-teaming him a case of naming your poison. Jarvis will be a big job for the already-accomplished right tackle Reily Radosevich, honorable mention All Ivy in 2016 as a freshman.

2) Stop Jakob Prall. The Wide-out has superior speed and jumping ability, and Jaelon Blandburg is a 6-3 threat on the other side. The Bears love the double move, the double pass and the reverse, so a young Tiger secondary has to keep its eyes right. Last year against Princeton, Brown tried gadgets on three of its first five plays.

3) Air it out. Brown is averaging 303 passing yards against per game, which plays into Princeton’s primary strength.  The Bears have what Bob Surace calls the best defensive line Princeton has played as yet, and stacks plenty of run and short passing defense close to the line of scrimmage, daring deeper throws. So there should be plenty of downfield opportunities for Chad Kanoff, Jesper Horsted, Stephen Carlson and Tiger Bech.

4) Turn them over. The Tigers have lost the turnover battle in three of the first four games, no way to go about winning another title. C.J. Wall has three of the four Princeton interceptions and the Tigers have recovered only two fumbles.

5) Be special.  Princeton suffered long runbacks and blocked kicks in its two previous trips to Brown Stadium, contributing to early deficits.  Brown generally has good special teams. Princeton kick coverage has been good and so has placekicker Tavish Rice, but punting is a problem, another reason why Surace would like the fourth-down conversion rate, just two-of-nine, to greatly improve so he doesn’t have to punt at midfield.

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