What Princeton Must Do to Defeat Georgetown

  • October 6, 2017


1)  Win the turnover battle. The Tigers lost it last week, 4-1, and the game to Columbia. The Hoyas were hanging with Harvard last week until a staccato burst of ball control issues suddenly had them behind, 31-2, at the half.  Georgetown has a solid defense that can keep it in games, but a struggling offense that has used two quarterbacks, and hardly the way Princeton uses two quarterbacks, either. Opportunity knocks: Georgetown has fumbled 10 times, losing five of them, and been intercepted four times.

2) Make the proper reads. This doesn’t only apply to the miscommunications and brain cramps in the back seven that resulted in Columbia’s big plays. One of Chad Kanoff’s three interceptions was the fault of a mistaken route and the defender winding up in a place the quarterback had no reason to suspect. The offensive line created holes on some of those red zone failures and backs didn’t hit them. This is Game Four; excuses for sloppiness become less valid by the week.

3) Throw. Chad Kanoff was slightly off at times in the first half against Columbia, yet still conducted two 80-yard drives, one of which will forever be remembered as the Jesper Horsted drive.  He had 73 of those yards on four catches, and not on one was he wide open. The Tigers have bettered 30 points just once so far, still the tip of the iceberg of their capabilities.

4) Keep it Clean.  In the penalty department, the Tigers have been pristine, averaging an FCS-leading three per game, and a few of those calls were goofy, too. This should be a huge point of pride going forward: good teams don’t beat themselves. Columbia won’t be the only league game decided in the fourth quarter.

5) Seize the opportunity.  This is no bye week before the teeth of the conference schedule begins at Brown.  It is a chance for everybody to get better.

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