• May 1, 2019

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Click HERE to buy Princeton football season tickets
Click HERE to buy Princeton-Dartmouth tickets for the game at Yankee Stadium

The 150th anniversary season of college football just got a little closer for one of the two teams who competed in that first game back on Nov. 6, 1869.

Your chance to be part of that season-long celebration – and your chance to see a team coming off a perfect season with a record-setting offense – is here now, as season tickets for the 2019 Princeton football season are now available.

Season tickets cost $44 for faculty, staff and children. For alums and the general public, season tickets are $59. That’s total, by the way, not per game.

Princeton will play five home games in 2019, including for the first time home games against both Harvard (Oct. 26) and Yale (Nov. 16). The Tigers also host Butler (Sept. 21), Columbia (Oc. 5) and Lafayette (Oct. 12).

Princeton and Rutgers played in the first college football game 150 years ago, and the Tigers will be at the forefront of the anniversary of where it all began. Beyond just that, though, Princeton is coming off a season in which it went 10-0 for its perfect season in 54 years, and the Tigers also had an offense that set the Ivy League record by averaging 47 points per game. Princeton reached at least 40 points in a game eight times a year ago.

The Tigers have now won three Ivy League championships in the last six years and two in the last three.

In addition to season tickets for the five games on Powers Field at Princeton Stadium, fans can also purchase tickets to the Princeton-Dartmouth game at Yankee Stadium. That game will be played on Nov. 9, the week of the actual anniversary of that first game.

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