What Princeton Must Do to Defeat Brown

  • October 18, 2019

1) Mind E.J. Perry – Transfer from Boston College has superior pocket presence that will test discipline like perhaps no other quarterback the Tigers will face this season.

“He throws very well, is an exceptional runner, with a knack for escape that is as good as I have ever seen,” says Defensive Coordinator Steve Verbit P05. “You have to be in pass rush lanes or he will make you pay.”

“He broke a 94-yard touchdown against Bryant on a zone read type play. Somebody missed an assignment and then he made two guys miss and the next thing you know, he was dancing in the end zone.  In working our normal four-man pass rush, we are asking our guys to be cognizant of where they are in relation to the quarterback.”

The Tigers’ front four pursuit of Lafayette’s Keegan Shoemaker was terrific last week, but tackling in that regard could have been better.  Perry is averaging 7.8 yards per rush.

2) Get Amnesia.  No current Princeton player has ever experienced a tough game against Brown, the Bears’ 1-3 start risks a false sense of security. Perry has good receiving options in Jakob Prall, Scott Boylan, Dan Gemmell and tight end Emerson Logie, plus Allen Smith is averaging 4.2 yards per rush. Throw in the expected tricks that were a hallmark of Coach James Perry’s Princeton offense and this is an acid test of the Tigers’ high-ranking defensive numbers in the FCS.

3) Block Michael Hoecht.  So far the pass protection of Kevin Davidson has been pristine, but this dude, with six tackles for losses, is a chore.

4) Hit some shots. The Tigers took a few last week without success, instead, they wore down Lafayette with power and ball management. With big plays and without, run/pass balance has Princeton on a 14-game win streak. That said, Brown is giving up 351 yards passing per game.

5) Stay with it as always.  After running up big scores the first two weeks, reality of the graduation losses of game-breakers may be settling in. The Tigers are scoring points on efficiency. Defense has gaudy yardage and scoring numbers, but has quite gotten the desired number of turnovers and its not likely Brown will gift a number of short fields. Perry has thrown only five interceptions and Brown has lost but one fumble.