Unbeatens No. 9/10 Princeton and No. 13/13 Dartmouth Meet at Yankee Stadium

  • November 7, 2019

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A week-long celebration of the past will end with a massive game in the present.

The Ivy League has not had a long history of unbeatens who meet this late in the season. Now, while it might not exactly be an annual tradition, it will once again be 7-0 Princeton against 7-0 Dartmouth for the second straight year.

Last year’s game was an epic between two of the best teams the Ivy League has seen in recent memory, a game Princeton eventually won 14-9 on Powers Field at Princeton Stadium. This year’s game features two nationally ranked teams and has the added dimension of being played at Yankee Stadium, as Dartmouth celebrates its 250th anniversary and Princeton celebrates its role as having competed in the first college football game 150 years ago Wednesday, Nov. 6, 1869, against Rutgers.