Entitlement Gets the Boot

BY JAY GREENBERG It seems like the Tigers have almost as many kickers as there are toes on two feet.  Consecutive top-10 punting recruits in the nation - George Triplett and Will Powers - are seeding clouds daily on the practice fields. Tavish Rice, who kicked 50 of his 76 kickoffs a year ago into touchbacks ... More

The Worst Weather Games of Princeton’s Ivy Era History

BY JAY GREENBERG We continue the celebration of the 150th season of Princeton football with this first installment of a weekly series of the most memorable moments of the Ivy League Era. Each of 11 different lists will be posted Wednesdays throughout the 2019 season, culminating Thanksgiving week with a ranking of the ... More

Preparing to Clean Up Again

BY JAY GREENBERG Before we put the amazing 2018 Tigers back on their high shelf Saturday and move onto another season, it would be sloppy of us to fail to mention that in addition to being talented, industrious and inspired, they were tidy too.   The offensive line committed 11 penalties in 10 games. Five holds ... More

Princeton’s Greatest Teams of the Pre-Ivy Era-1869-1955

In our ongoing celebration of 150 years of Princeton football, we summarize our sweep of the Pre-Ivy Era with the following lists, as chosen by Eric Dreiband ’86 and Staś Maliszewski ’66. Princeton’s Greatest Teams of the Pre-Ivy Era-1869-1955 (listed chronologically). 1878 National champions. 6-0 ... More

The JT Surely Doesn’t Stand for Just Typical

BY JAY GREENBERG Asked what is his favorite part of playing linebacker, Jeremiah Tyler says absolutely, positively that it is stuffing the run.  “I like going against the big guys, sticking my head in there, getting my hands dirty,” he said. Nothing beats that, unless it is playing the pass; undeniably, c... More

Princeton’s Greatest Players, 1931-1955

Princeton’s Greatest Players, 1931-1955, as selected by Staś Maliszewski ’66 and Eric Dreiband ’86.   Profiles compiled by Dreiband. Backs Dave Allerdice Jr. ’41 Dave Allerdice Jr. ’41 Princeton’s first aerial star. “From 1938 to 1940, the Tiger grid fortunes dangled on the arm of ... More

Three National Titles, a Heisman, and a Lot of Wins Besides

We continue our celebration of Princeton’s –and college football’s –150th anniversary with this remembrance of Tiger seasons 1930 to 1956, before the formal Ivy League began play. Included are fun facts and firsts of an era that produced three national championships and a Heisman Trophy, taken from multiple ... More

Ring In a New Year

BY JAY GREENBERG Going a seemingly impossible 457 carries last season without a single lost fumble by a running back is one record made never to be broken. If the Tiger ballcarriers can’t possibly do better, they’ll settle for doing it again and again against all odds of contact by 230-pound opponents and basic ... More

Higher and Higher for This Defensive Line

BY JAY GREENBERG Success in business, not just the business of football, is about leverage. As for the tall order of following up a defense than held opponents to an average of 13 points and half a rushing touchdown per game in 2018, let’s just say that there is plenty of length at the Tigers’ disposal. For ... More

Princeton’s Greatest Players, 1906-31

Princeton’s Greatest Players, 1906-31, as selected by Staś Maliszewski ’66 and Eric Dreiband ’86.   Profiles compiled by Dreiband. BACKS Wallace “Butch” DeWitt ’15 Bounced the ball through the goal posts for only points in a 3-0 win over Dartmouth in 1911. According to 1965 Sports Illustr... More