Every Day Becomes Christmas for Noel

BY JAY GREENBERG Only now does Tavaris Noel realize a 100 per cent effort probably was his body allowing him to do only 80, leaving the 20 that was regained probably the hardest thing he ever will go through in his life.  If, over the years that doesn’t prove to be the case, then bring on whatever it ... More

The Next Link in the Unbreakable Johnson Chain

BY JAY GREENBERG Another year, another Johnson in the middle for Princeton. Brother James follows two-time first team All-Ivy Thomas; the genealogy as strong as the fraternity and the culture perhaps most powerful of all in this family of ‘backers who have each others’ backs. Unabashedly they are dedicated to ... More

Ivy Champion Quartet Competes At Annual Football Pro Day

Published on GoPrincetonTigers.com | Read the full article here More than 20 scouts from 15 NFL teams made their way to Princeton Stadium Tuesday to watch the Ivy champion quartet of Stephen Carlson, Jesper Horsted, John Lovett, and Charlie Volker compete at the annual Princeton Pro Day. ... More

He’s Glued to His Chances

BY JAY GREENBERG A jack-of-all-trades, John Lovett mastered both running and throwing in leading Princeton to a 10-0 season in 2018. If 14 of the NFL teams increasingly looking for athletes in addition to prototypical bodies wanted a full measure of all the things Lovett might do for them, a cast on his left hand ... More

This is a Head in the Game

BY JAY GREENBERG “Obviously, I love the sport itself. But while I will throw my body out there for my team I’m not in it for that. My brothers used this quote quite a bit in high school: When played correctly as a wide receiver, football is a non contact sport. “I just love the atmosphere, not only in the fall ... More


Published on GoPrincetonTigers.com | Read the full article here 2018 was a moment in Princeton Football history that few will forget. Ironically, the group that plans to (temporarily) forget about it first is the 2019 Princeton Tigers. After all, the spring practice season is about the future, not the past. ... More

A Change of Seasons Indeed as Spring Drills Begin

BY JAY GREENBERG The Tigers won [redacted] games in 2018, placed [can’t remember] players on first and second All-Ivy teams, were ranked [somewhere] in the final FCS poll. Here at princetontigersfootball.com, we keep you up on all developments, including yesterday’s news. When we recall it, that is.   ... More

Every Departure is Another Opportunity

BY JAY GREENBERG Stephen Thomas, for two seasons the special teams coordinator and inside linebackers coach, is the latest Princeton assistant taking a step up the coaching ladder–in his case to an assistant position with the Detroit Lions.  His successor in the coordinator’s role, Mike Mendenhall, ... More


Published on GoPrincetonTigers.com | Read the full article here Mike Weick, who spent the last two seasons as the linebackers coach at Bucknell, has been hired to coach inside linebackers at Princeton, it was announced by Bob Surace '90, the Charles W. Caldwell Jr. '25 Head Coach of Football. He replac... More

Bob Surace Completes Offensive Staff, Hires Brian Flinn To Coach Receivers, Moves Rosenbaum To QBs

Published on GoPrincetonTigers.com | Read the full article here Following two years of record-setting offensive output, Princeton head coach Bob Surace is excited about the recently completed offensive staff that will guide the 2019 Tigers. Brian Flinn, who spent 12 seasons as the wide receivers coach at ... More