Theme of the Day 8/31/16 | “Do Your Job”

Theme – "Do Your Job." Do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it, exactly how it’s supposed to be done. Day 8 | Practice 9 & 10 – We had another double session today.  We were full pads during the morning practice with an emphasis on base downs and 3rd downs.  We concluded practice ... More

Theme of the Day 8/30/16 | “Aretas” (Excellence Through Competition)

Day 7 | Practice 8 – “Today’s full contact situation was the Tight Red Zone.   Princeton has been ranked near the top of NCAA FB in the Red Zone each of the past four seasons and one reason is the great work we get in Training Camp.” Tidbit – Princeton was ranked the #1 undergraduate college in the ... More

Theme of the Day 8/29/16 | “Let’s Play two!”

Day 6 | Practice 6 & & Theme: “Let’s Play two!”  Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks Practice 6 & 7: “Today was our first double session.  The morning practice was a full pad practice that was mostly ‘thud’.   We focused on Red Zone as a team in the morning, and we introduced a new blitz drill that ... More

Theme of the Day 8/28/16 | Fast & Physical

Day 5 | Practice 5 – “We were in full pads for the first time this morning, and we added inside run to our practice, along with 2 full contact periods.  In fact, our first full contact period was a competitive 3 & 4 and play it, with extra conditioning on the line for the losing unit.  I thought we were ... More

Theme of the Day 8/27/16 | “Wake. Practice. Film. Eat. Drink. Film. Get Better. #camplife.”

“Wake.  Practice.  Film.  Eat.  Drink.  Film.  Get Better. #camplife." - Coach Sean Gleeson   Day 4 | Practice  4 – “We do blitz drills on a near daily basis.  This fits our aggressive mentality on defense, and makes sure our offense is exact with their assignments, especially in the pass game.  These ... More

Theme of the Day 8/26/16 | Details

Day 3 | Practice  3– “Another beautiful day in Princeton!!  The players were excited to progress to shoulder pads this morning.  The OL and DL especially were able to get some great work in together, and the veteran players especially were outstanding with their leverage in our run game drills.”   Tidbits – ... More

Theme of the Day 8/25/16 | Technique and Preparation

Day 2 | Practice 2 – “We have continued to focus over 2/3 of our practice time to fundamentals during the NCAA mandated acclimation period, and it great to see our guys improve their detail in this area.  We also keep many of our young guys out with extra sessions after practice during our first week, and this ... More

Theme of the Day 8/24/16 | “I Mua” (Move Forward, Go For It)

Day 1 | Practice 1 – “We had our most challenging conditioning session today and I was pleased seeing both the large majority of our players crush it.  We are in helmets only, so we spent most of the practice working on fundamentals, but I was also excited to see us ramp up our tempo and play fast in our team ... More

Theme of the Day 8/23/16 | No Regrets


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