Princeton Runs (And Runs) To A 59-43 Win At Yale, Clinches At Least A Share Ivy Title #12

Published on | Read the full article here Princeton head coach Bob Surace turned to his son AJ before Saturday's rivalry showdown with Yale and predicted sophomore tailback Collin Eaddy would have a 150-yard game that day. Ten seconds into the game, he was halfway there.By ... More

At Warp Speed, Tigers Clinch a Title Share

BY JAY GREENBERG NEW HAVEN—With the deepest cache of returning weapons in memory and additional motivation from a promising 2017 gone bad in the end, the Tigers came to camp in August dreaming of an Ivy championship and the school’s first perfect season since 1964. Never, however, in the 149 years Princeton ... More


BY JAY GREENBERG 1) Pressure Griffin O’Connor. Freshman quarterback debuted throwing for four touchdowns last week but that was against winless-in-the-Ivies Brown, no comparison to what he will see from Princeton. Yale offensive line is the best Tigers have faced all year, quite the compliment considering ... More


Published on | Read the full article here If you missed last week's episode of Beyond The Stripes, which featured the Johnson brothers, check it out here. The following story is from the Dartmouth game program. Today may be the biggest game in the 20+ year history of Princeton ... More

It’s the Company D-Line: One Game at a Time.

BY JAY GREENBERG The Game of the Century lived up to its billing. The Tigers woke up Sunday having the glow and the bruises to prove it.  Short century so far, though. And six even shorter days with no basking allowed, lest the greatest opportunity in many generations of Princeton football slip away. The ... More


Published on | Read the full article here Princeton Introduces Commemorative Logo For 2019 Season It's not like Princeton needs extra motivation for a Yale game. This is the longest-running rivalry in the Ivy League, and the second-longest in all of Division I, and it has produced its ... More

On 149th Birthday, Tiger Football Introduces Commemorative Logo, Will Honor 15 In (Almost) 150 On Twitter

Published on | Read the full article here It was 149 years ago today — Nov. 6, 1869 — when captain William Gummere took a band of Princetonians to New Brunswick to play in the first college football game. The foundation of a great American tradition was created that day, and that tradition ... More

A Look Back: 10 Plays That Helped Princeton Win The Ivy League Game Of The Decade

Published on | Read the full article here It's rare when games live up to the hype that the undefeated, Top 20 showdown between Dartmouth and Princeton received last weekend. This one, a classic throwback that never lost an ounce of tension until John Lovett knelt with the ball and ... More

He Loves Taking the Heat

BY JAY GREENBERG Up becomes down when just 14 points wins a huge game and the quarterback gets about as much post-game attention as the long snapper.   Still, somebody named John Lovett, who honestly believes he deserves no more spotlight than the long snapper, did a few unsung things on Saturday in ... More

Tigers Keep Their Heads, Down Dartmouth in a Head to Head Classic

BY JAY GREENBERG It’s a beautiful thing in and of itself, being 8-0 and in control of your own title destiny headed into the final two weeks of a season. But under the skin of an ugly 14-9 score Saturday was so much more meaning for the Tigers than merely survival. “There is such beauty in just a four-yard ... More