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#SundayFlashback | @sethdevalve 
Ivy Champion 🏆
Highest Tiger #Draft Pick ✔️
@sportscenter Top 10 💯

Crashing into #Friday like...
#Bears TE @jhorsted takes it 62 YDs for TD #22! Jesper finished his career as a #Tiger with a record-breaking 28 TDs. 

#TheOtherGuys | #NA22AUBound
#NA22AUBound ➡️➡️
Congratulations to #Tiger champion, Leon Newsome '92, on becoming the Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer of the #NBA! Leon was previously the Deputy Director of the U.S. Secret Service.

#The40 | #Princeton2Pro
2x Ivy Champion #Tigers who succeeded both on and off the field and are crushing #The40!

LB RJ Paige '17 is currently the NFL Senior Coordinator of Labor Relations.

All-Ivy 🐅 Captain, Dorian Williams ’17, is a Project Manager at Bacardi.
2x #Tiger champions who are dominating #The40 on every level!

LB Ted Graves '17, is currently the Corporate Responsibility Mgr with the Dallas Mavericks.

DL Brannon Jones ’17 is a Manufacturing Engineer at SpaceX. He also models for SLU Agency.
#Tiger DBs that always brought the 🍊🥤 and are crushing #The40!

Alex Ford '17 is the Co-founder of autre fish Media Production. Alex is also a Coordinator in Post-Production for 20th Century.

Durelle Napier '17 is a hip-hop personal assistant.
#FridayFeeling ⬆️⬆️


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