Carlson Helps Cleveland End 18-Year Playoff Drought

Read the full article here So an oblong ball is rocketing in your direction, as are an army of really big, really fast guys wearing different color shirts than you are.   It’s a damp, cold day. It’s a split-second choice to try to field said oblong ball or see if it’ll roll out of […]

Charlie Volker Goes From Princeton Football & Track To USA Bobsled

Published on | Read the full article here Fred Samara, the longtime head coach of track and field at Princeton, is on the phone. “I have a funny story for you,” he says. His story predates his 47 Ivy League Heptagonal championships as the head coach, and the 64 total he’s won counting his […]

Every Departure is Another Opportunity

BY JAY GREENBERG Stephen Thomas, for two seasons the special teams coordinator and inside linebackers coach, is the latest Princeton assistant taking a step up the coaching ladder–in his case to an assistant position with the Detroit Lions.  His successor in the coordinator’s role, Mike Mendenhall, will be the sixth in that position during the nine-year […]

For Victor Prato, Giving Up Never Was an Option

BY JAY GREENBERG (Second of two parts) The suicide bomb that could have­—and probably should have—killed 1st Lt. Victor Prato on November 13, 2017 blew the doors off a 20-ton armored vehicle, sent the hood 300 meters, and ejected the lieutenant, sending his helmet plus facial and ear protections flying. Having been rammed on the […]

The Story of an American Hero

“Eleven-thousand paratroopers have gone to Afghanistan on nine-month tours.  Four of them were killed or critically injured and one of them was my son. What are the odds of that? And yet, another quarter of an inch and his spinal cord would have been completely severed and he never would have walked again.  If the explosion had […]

A Feast of Caring Connects Joe Harvey ’86 to Weequahic

  BY JAY GREENBERG The athletic budget to cover 20 programs at Weequahic High School in Newark is down to $6700 a year, stretching Joe Harvey’s commitment to t he football team well before his wallet. “Last year he bought us shoulder pads–11 sets, more than we asked for,” said Athletic Director Gary Westberry. “A […]