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"The Academic-Athletic Fellows are a group of faculty and staff who are committed to strengthening and advancing the student-athlete ideal while reinforcing the educational mission of the university. Although collectively serving as a student-athlete support group, individual fellows form an affiliation with a specific team and coach. Their mission is to strengthen and reinforce the ties between a student's academic and athletic pursuits and act as a resource for the student-athletes, coaches, academic administrators and faculty. The link that the fellows provide between these groups assists in identifying the available resources so that individual student-athletes may receive the appropriate counsel and advice to resolve specific academic and social issues. Fellows will be dedicated to achieving a greater harmony between the academic and athletic cultures, thus assuring that the overall educational mission of the University is enhanced. The fellows believe that athletic participation is valuable for its own sake - physically, cognitively and socially -- and complements the educational purpose, rather than compromising it. Fellows, themselves, are role models who are actively engaged in mentoring the student-athletes in a diverse array of educational and cultural issues, ensuring that the values-based coaching our undergraduates receive on the field of play is consistently reinforced off it. The integration of mind, body, and spirit is a conceptual ideal that the fellows strive to impart to our student-athletes."
-Mollie Marcoux - The Ford Family Director of Athletics

Academic-Athletic Fellows

Bhatt, Swati

Economics Professor
Swati Bhatt has been teaching at Princeton since 1992. Her research interests ...

Blount, Bryant

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students
Dean Blount works closely with Dean Jueds to support the undergraduate discip...

Fernandez-Kelly, Patricia

Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Dr. Patricia Fernandez-Kelly holds a joint position as a Senior Lecturer in the ...

Gonzalez, Khristina

Associate Dean of the College and Director of Programs for Access and Inclusion
Dean Gonzalez is responsible for programs and initiatives within the ...

Gregory, Eric

Assistant Professor of Religion
Eric Gregory joined the faculty in 2001, and was promoted to Professor in 2009. ...

Grossman, Gene

Economics and International Affairs
Gene Grossman is the Jacob Viner Professor of International Economics and the ...

Hudson, Kevin

Assistant Director for College Opportunity

Katz, Stan

Professor in Public and International Affairs
Stanley Katz is President Emeritus of the American Council of Learned Societi...

Lanzi, Jim

Public Safety

Matzko, Jessica

Assistant Director of Health Professions Advising
We are pleased to announce that Jessica Matzko will join Health Professions ...

Miller, David

Associate Research Scholar, Center for the Study of Religion
Dr. David Miller is the Director of the Princeton University Faith & Work ...

Nunokawa, Jeff

Professor of English. Master, Rockefeller College
Ph.D., Cornell University, B.A. Yale University. Jeff Nunokawa specializes in ...

Ponce-Deleon, Monica

Dean and Professor of Architectural Design

Samuel, Ken

Public Safety Emeritus

Taylor, Jordyn

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Tignor, Bob

Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History
Robert Tignor, the Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, ...

Wolapaye, Momo

Director of Student Life Whitman College

Zelizer, Julian

Professor of History and Public Affairs
Julian E. Zelizer has been one of the pioneers in the revival of American ...